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First issues
of magazines

Catalogue 47

Inscribed to
A. Marja

Catalogue 44

Signed and inscribed (III)

Catalogue 41

Signed and inscribed (I)

Catalogue 38

Blue Panic Press
Plim's pers
Pers no. 14

Catalogue 35

 First and rare Dutch translations

Catalogue 32

Bende van Vier

Catalogue 29

Experimental poetry (I)

Catalogue 26

Inscribed to
A. Roland Holst

Catalogue 23

Soup Can
by Andy Warhol

Catalogue 20

Willem Brakman

Catalogue 17


Catalogue 14


Catalogue 11

Printed in
only 4 copies

Catalogue 8

Hanny Michaelis
Gerard Reve
W.F. Hermans

Catalogue 5

Ab & Edith Visser

Catalogue 2

Gerard Reve

Catalogue 46


Catalogue 43


Catalogue 40

Original artwork by Dutch writers

Catalogue 37


Catalogue 34

Guardian Angel of W.F. Hermans

Catalogue 31

Dear Susanne

Catalogue 28

From and to
Paul & Emmy Huf

Catalogue 25

Inscribed to
Reinbert de Leeuw

Catalogue 22

Bob den Uyl

Catalogue 19

Inscribed to
Martin Ros

Catalogue 16

Theo van Doesburg

Catalogue 13

Utopian and dystopian fiction

Catalogue 10

Inscribed to
Johan Polak &
Rik van Dam

Catalogue 7


Catalogue 4