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Andy Warhol Ma Philosophie de A à B et vice versa. Traduit de l’américain par Marianne Véron.


(Paris): Flammarion, (1977). 199 x 141 mm. Sewn. Cover photograph by Tina Freeman. (2), 222 p. First edition.Dog’s ear in front cover. Cellophane a bit loosening.


Signed by the author in felt-tip pen on page (1), with an original drawing of a can of soup: ‘to serge | campbell | soup | AndyWarhol’.


This copy was inscribed to the actor Serge-Henri Valcke, who attended the opening of a Warhol-exhibition on May 26, 1977 at the Galerie D in Brussels, Belgium. The gallery was packed with Warhol fans, who all wanted an autograph of the famous pop art artist. This is the particular entry in Warhol’s diary (quoted from The Andy Warhol Diaries. Edited by Pat Hackett):


‘Rushed to Galerie D. A mob scene. Stuck in a corner signing autographs and books. Sold 120. The kids here were cute, sort of hippie.’


The meet-and-greet with Warhol in Paris, one day earlier, was possibly even more chaotic. Victor Bockris, in his Warhol. The Biography, writes that French punks ‘mobbed his book signing, proffering breasts and cocks for Andy to sign’.


Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup Cans (1962) is one of the most iconic art works of the 20th century.

Signed by Andy Warhol with drawing of soup can

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